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He Is - this is me...lauren jessica

Dec. 27th, 2007

01:41 pm - He Is

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Ok my relationship with Dan is getting better he and I talked a little and he made me feel like being in this relationship was right. I said 2 him what happens after his six month training with the military he said he was coming back to PA I said why? He told me because of you. I was in shock he said I can't act like I do not have a girl. He told me he was going to request to come back here because of me. I have never had a guy say that 2 me. Now I guess I can't move to Texas. I want to be with him more than one would know. He makes me feel good and I have not had that feeling since my late Jevon. I do miss Jevon but I am getting over it. Jevon would want me 2 be happy and I think he is happy with the one I chose I think they would like each other. They are so much a like but so different. I am happy finally.