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YO its official JON is GAY as SHIT - this is me...lauren jessica

Dec. 5th, 2007

06:35 am - YO its official JON is GAY as SHIT

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Ok so this dude from childhood I know named JON Well Johnathan Kristian Clarke but he says Call him JON not John but JON. Ok then he does eyebrows perfectly (his own are done also.) Then he was talking about his butt hole hurts and he thinks he has a rash there. (UM how did that happen?) Then he tells me he has herpes and that he slept with over 120 females. (ok change that to men). Then he is like I am so glad that I found you on Myspace i missed you I want something to start back up with you. So I'm like yo we were 16 and I have not seen you since then. I tell him about my man he is like you 2 are not evenly yolked. How the fuck do you know. Ok then he keeps asking to spend the night I am like no. He got no money and he keeps wanting to freeload. So he called monday and I was like oh I just ran across a picture when we was kids back when you were cute he took it personal he is gonna say its not like you are all that. So I said maybe your ass need to grow some before you talk he is only like 5'1. So then he called yesterday and was like Im coming over. I said I have class. He said oh I mean later I said I will pass on that. Then I said talk 2 you later.(was not planning on it but hey.) He called me back and was like what we are not cool anymore? I said I want to be left alone and I hung up. He kept blowing up my phone like a little bitch. I ain't his girl nor his friend. It was like nice seeing you again, but leave me alone. I got friends. he don't know me like that like we was friends at 16 I am a different bitch since then. I hope he leaves me alone.


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Date:December 5th, 2007 12:36 pm (UTC)
Okay, he seems to be a bit of an ass...and not worth the time to develop a friendship with. The fact that he is gay is not the problem, but stupidity is.
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