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men are dumb as shit - this is me...lauren jessica

Nov. 28th, 2007

07:32 am - men are dumb as shit

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Anyway I have been up surfing the net this morning and I was on some guys blog. He said that he could tell his girl had been cheating because it felt different. Lets be real it feels different every time. A man does not always feel the same. The Vagina stretches because it's like elastic so it bounces back. Shit I know the sex is different when I am lacking emotion or when you know it's over but you are just going through the motions. Besides when I was with little dick Berle (it was like the size of half of a hot dog hard) lol it was good the first time and soon after it went down hill. I guess I was just horny. But the best sex comes when there is some sort of emotion involved. But the only true way to tell if someone has cheated is if they tell you weather you ask or they feel guilty or if you catch them in the act. Come on if a man really could tell Maury would not be doing DNA testing and there would not be a whole show called cheaters.