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JUST SO MUCH - this is me...lauren jessica

Nov. 27th, 2007

07:23 pm - JUST SO MUCH

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So today I was watching Waiting to Exhale and I found it funny. Especially the part where Angela Bassett burns her husband's shit. That part was classically funny. I guess I need to laugh because my man is so busy that I have not gotten any dick which I can't take. Ok but some of that is my fault because I told him that I was punishing him by not giving him any now look who's suffering. I guess I forgot he is good at being tortured since he is in the military. I guess all I did was torture myself. LOL as Alicia Key's would say Karma. That is what I get for teasing his ass. Anyway I talked to him about him not having time for me...he made me feel much better about our relationship. He actually understood what I was feeling and he told me that he felt the same and that it would get better soon. He told me he was sorry. He even took the time to share what has been on his mind. I guess telling him how I felt opened him up to share his feelings with me. It was great it made me feel good. I hate to say it but the more I talk to him the more he has me open. It is an uncomfortable feeling and I hate that, but the truth is he makes me feel like I could spend forever with him. I have not told him that nor do I plan to. can't say that I love him but I can say I am in strong like very strong like. For the first time I don't like somebody just because I don't want to be alone but I like somebody because I like them, and want to be with them. He makes me feel good. The best part of being with him is that we were friends first and now we have grown into so much more. So what makes better relationships friends first or strangers? I guess I will find out. The fact is because we were friends I feel at ease with him because he knows me the real me. He knows the Lauren that has no walls up because I have never had to be someone that I was not with him. I like that. I guess only time will tell but as of right now I like this feeling and I don't want it to leave.