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KNOWING WHEN TO LET GO - this is me...lauren jessica

Nov. 8th, 2007


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My so called boyfriend has not called me since Sunday and its going on the weekend again. Now I have called him and we chatted for about 3 mins but thats it. He won't return my cals or anything. If you ask me I think he is full of shit, but hey I guess I got the point. I was not feeling him anymore but its not the point. He treats me like crap we don't go places because he is saving for a big screen TV. Oh yeah he wants me to buy him a lap top LOL funny right? Things that make you wonder. I know Toni Braxton gives thim 7 days but shit thats 2 long. So today I excepted a date from this guy that I find attractive but he is not like Morris Chestnut but his personality surpasses it all. Was I wrong knowing I have a man or is my relationship already over?